Images 2012

The Festival Images

The visual arts Festival Images is the first open-air photography festival of Switzerland. Every two years, it produces unseen monumental photography exhibitions in the streets of Vevey and also proposes numerous exhibitions in various regional institutions dedicated to the image. The festival is also an opportunity to introduce the winning projects of the two competitions it organises: the Vevey International Photo Award and the European First Film Award.


Entirely free, the Festival Images is a true open-air museum and a quality platform for Swiss and international artists. For the 2010 edition, it had organised 50 exhibitions and events, welcoming over 30'000 indoors visitors and some 80'000 outdoors.


Theme for 2012: “A change of decor”

In 2012, the artists whose work is to be displayed outside all have one thing in common: a certain use of decor in photographs by playing with the foreground and background of the image i.e. between the subject of the photo and what is behind it. This common theme also reflects the Festival’s ethos: to surprise the public by exhibiting in unusual places while building previously unseen displays, thus reinventing the city.
In September, Vevey will change its decor and become a giant photo studio!
To discover the 2012 programme, go the the artist page


The next edition will be held in September 2014.

Photo galeries

2012 Exhibitions

Acroyd & Harvey, Greenback
Festival Images © Céline MichelJR, Inside Out
Festival Images © Céline MichelLiu Bolin, Hiding in the City
Ancienne Prison
Festival Images © Céline MichelAcroyd & Harvey, Testament (aka Barbara)
Eglise Sainte-Claire
Festival Images © Céline Michel


Chuck Samuels talking about his work
Festival Images 2012 © Céline MichelVernissage
Festival Images 2012 © Céline MichelUnderground, une performance de la compagnie Prototype Status
\r\nFestival Images 2012 © Céline MichelGuided tour of the Ante Timmermans exhibition at the Musée Jenisch
Festival Images 2012 © Céline Michel

Set up of the 2012 exhibitions

JR, Inside Out
\r\nFestival Images 2012 © Céline MichelJeanne Susplugas et Alain Declercq
Théâtre de Vevey
Festival Images 2012 © Céline MichelLiu Bolin
Façade du Château de l'Aile
Festival Images 2012 © Céline MichelFrédéric Cordier
\r\nFestival Images 2012 © Céline Michel