The Festival Images 2014 team :

Director : Stefano Stoll
Production and administration : Raphaël Biollay
Programme : Stefano Stoll and Raphaël Biollay
Production and operation : Tamara Jenny-Devrient
Communication : Charlotte Terrapon
Graphic Design : Christiane Steiner – Mary & Jo Studio
Mediation and operation : Cécilia Bovet
Mediation assistants : Séverin Bondi, Annina Meyer
Press assistant : Salomé Kiner
Texts writing :
Maxime Morisod
French Press : Catherine Philippot
German Press : Marc Zendrini
Production of graphics, colour and photoengraving : Samuel Rouge
Technical : Marc Hulmann and Sigismond de Vajay
Communication and production assistant : Clélia Pham
Welcome: Géraldine Jacot
Website : David Darx (Custom Design) and Pierre Dumont (Stimul)
Photography : Céline Michel
Boutique d’Images : Chely Hauert

To get in touch with the members of the team, go to the Contacts page.

The Foundation Board

Chairman : Laurent Ballif
Vice-chairman :
Yves Moser
Treasurer : Alain Siegrist
General secretary : Raphaël Biollay

Members : Sabine Carruzzo, Claude Cherbuin, René Ciocca, Luc Debraine, Françoise Lambert, Dominique Radrizzani, Etienne Rivier, Brigitte Romanens-Deville, Stefano Stoll, Jean-Marc Yersin