Augustin Rebetez


arrière‐tête (mécanismes)

Vevey International Photography Award 2013/2014

Born in 1986 and a graduate in 2009 of the CEPV (Centre for Vocational Education in Vevey), Augustin Rebetez was very rapidly singled out by the Swiss and international art scene. His series arrière-tête (mécanismes) proposes a more mature, poetic and complex world than ever before. It shows a tribe of strange, painted and staged, deformed and sculptural creatures, each seemingly controlling an unusual aptitude. Exceeding the limits of one photograph, the work is presented by Festival Images in a disused venue in which the Repaire Fantastique team has created a bespoke installation taking visitors’ imaginations to the heart of this inhumane tragicomedy.

A Festival Images (Vevey) production
Scenography : Repaire Fantastique
Prints : Laurent Cochet
Assistants : Noé Cauderay, Luana Gonçalves

Augustin Rebetez, sans titre, 2014
arrière‐tête (mécanismes): Have a look at the gallery