Benoît Grimalt


16 photos que je n’ai pas prises

Born in 1975, Benoît Grimalt gained his degree at the École des Gobelins in 1998. In the 2000s he began to work for himself and covered two seasons at the Festival de Cannes for Zurban magazine. In 2005 he missed photographing Penelope Cruz there in a hotel. He has not forgotten the scene and decided to reproduce it with a sketch. In his series 16 photos que je n’ai pas prises he depicts the images that he was not able to take as a photographer through his pencils. Whilst his approach toys with the fundamental question in photography of the ‘present moment’ and plays the role of memory in the restitution of events, with childish impertinence Grimalt combines two art genres that seem a priori to be opposed: drawing and photography.

Benoît Grimalt, Penelope, 2011
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