Bonne soirée or the return of the photonovel

Enthusiast of photography genres deemed secondary, artist Claude Baechtold to Festival Images to explore photonovels as a team. In the form of a daily Stammtisch assembling photographers and writers, the project aims to publish mid-Festival the sample edition of Bonne soirée magazine, a photonovel located in Vevey.

The Festival Images is partnering the writers’ fair Le Livre sur les quais held in Morges to support this project combining photography and text around the regeneration of the photonovel.

Project participants: Claude Baechtold (Switzerland), Vincent Fournier (France), Martin Kollar (Slovakia), Nicolas Lieber (Switzerland), Romain Mader (Switzerland), the writer Alexandre Markoff (France) as well as authors put forward by Le livre sur les quais (Morges).