Cédric Raccio



Broncolor prize (Light) at the 10th Vevey International Photo Award 2013/2014

Cédric Raccio is an Italian-Swiss photographer who was born in 1981 and grew up in the canton of Valais. His project Valensis is inspired by local myths and legends. Processed with experimental visual techniques, this collection of images sets out an approach to the artist’s eclectic world. Through his control of photography he blends various themes that he has chosen to combine in his project: the mountains, death, psychedelic music, religion and the representation of the devil in the 21stcentury. The stories that he hears around him act as a base to shape images with audacious digital processes. Raccio strives to move away from a classical narration to create a new artistic approach imbued with different anecdotes that have been related to him.