Daniel Gordon

United States

Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts

Born in 1980, Daniel Gordon gained his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Yale in 2006. His works have already been presented for example at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York).

For the series Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts he developed a technique based on reusing images found on the Internet. After printing them, he re-appropriates them by cutting them and assembling them in the form of still life or three dimensional portraits. Once the compositions are completed, he photographs them and then dismantles them, to recreate new works from the same elements. His approach is an artisanal way of plagiarism with contemporary software tools enabling any image to be formed, but also drawing on classical and modern pictorial trends in the history of art.

In September 2014 Daniel Gordon simultaneously presents this series at Festival Images and at FOAM (Photography Museum Amsterdam).

Venue: La Grenette
Daniel Gordon, Crescent Eyed Portrait, 2012
Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts: Have a look at the gallery