Daniel Schlaepfer


Boîtes magiques

Daniel Schlaepfer is an artist from Vaud who mainly works with light. In 1991, for the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation, the canton of Vaud commissioned an artists’ collective to produce an original installation to narrate its history. The project is ‘boîtes magiques’: concrete structures each presenting three to four three-dimensional scenes from Vaud history, to be viewed through a slit. This principle similar to automaton and picture boxes from the end of the 19th century comprises a process blending robotics, lenses and small mirrors. 23 years later, the Festival Images has restored several of these incredible Boîtes magiques and presents them at the foot of the Place du Marché in front of the Lake Geneva.

Conception : Cinémanufacture: Robert Boner, Claude Muret and Yves Yersin
With : Daniel Schlaepfer
Special thanks : Alexandre Tzonis, Stelio Tzonis, François Bercher, Atelier Cube, Ivo Frei and Etat de Vaud