David Favrod

Switzerland / Japan

Cardinal Points / Kobe

David Favrod a graduate of the ECAL/ Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne left Japan for Switzerland in 1982, when he was only six months old. He has worked on the theme of his Japanese roots for several years, without ever returning to the country. Myths and realities narrated by those close to him about the war period and the characteristics of Japanese culture have been integrated into his productions created in Switzerland. While Favrod exhibits his work in Kobe in August 2014, he accepted for his return to his native country to participate in the Festival Images ‘Cardinal Points’ project and images from the series Hikari will be on display in public places in Kobe.

Images is opening out to the world and exports the work of four Swiss artists living abroad. On 13th September, four specifically created open‐air installations will be placed in public areas of towns corresponding to the four cardinal points in relation to Vevey.
Through these ‘in‐situ’ installations, the Cardinal Points project is a way for Festival Images to mark the numerous links that is has forged for several years with artists, curators and institutions around the world.

Commission : Festival Images (Vevey) and Ivan Vartanian

David Favrod: Six Shots in Kobe from GOLIGA on Vimeo.

David Favrod, Mishiko, 2012
Cardinal Points / Kobe: Have a look at the gallery