Dominique Derisbourg


Vevey, ville de talents

Born in 1962 in France, Dominique Derisbourg is a graduate of the Vevey School of Photography. He works for the Swiss magazine Femina for which he has produced almost 700 covers.
Vevey, ville de talents is a series of portraits of individuals from the city. An exhibition in tribute to those who are living proof of a spirited and dynamic city. Conceived by Dominique Derisbourg, art director Hélène Bouillaguet and the communication officer for the City of Vevey Pierre Smets, this collection of photographs is a way of thanking the diverse talents in the Riviera city. Exhibited at Vevey Hotel & Guesthouse, these portraits welcome visitors from all over the world. Each year from now on, new famous or anonymous individuals – become ambassadors for Vevey ville d’images.

Curator: Hélène Bouillaguet and Pierre Smets

Henri-Daniel Champier, artisan pêcheur © Dominique Derisbourg/Ville de Vevey
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