Edouard Curchod


Feuille d’Avis

During the 80s, Edouard Curchod covered countless cultural, sporting and political events on a daily basis marking life in the region on behalf of Feuille d’Avis de Vevey. During his time he assembled a huge set of shots, omnipresent at the heart of local life and on site for numerous local news stories. This collection has doubled in value today: it is both a true and authentic reflection of the day-to-day lives of a population and a historic account of a region’s customs and events. In front of Hôtel de Ville, Festival Images presents Feuille d’Avis, a selection of these little scenes in which the festivalgoers rediscover a not so distant past in black and white.

In the « open air exhibitions» section, the Festival Images presents Panorama de la Foire de la Saint-Martin
In the « parallel events » section, the Polydesigners 3D apprentices of the Vevey School of Applied Arts present photos of Edouard Curchod for the project Vitr’in