Erik Kessels


Valerie, in almost every picture #11

Erik Kessels was born in 1966. He was awarded the Amsterdam Prize of the Arts in 2010 and in 2012 he was voted the most influential creative personality in the Netherlands. The originality of the series Valerie, in almost every picture #11 lies in its serial and bizarre obsession, treated like a simple album of Fred and Valerie’s memories. This couple from Florida shares a strange passion for ‘fun adventures in water.’ One is photographer and the other model, with water as their decor. Erik Kessels came across these images on Flickr before creating an album inspired by Valerie. For the Festival Images, Valerie can be found in her cult element in three different aquatic contexts: the Veveyse river, a public fountain and the banks of Lake Geneva.

A Festival Images (Vevey) production
Photographs from the book  In Almost Every Picture #11, ed. KesselsKramer.

In the “indoor exhibitions” section, the Festival Images presents  24hrs in Photo

Erik Kessels, Valerie, in almost every picture #11
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