Fabian Schubert & Hank Schmidt In Der Beek


Self‐Portrait Landscape

Fabian Schubert and Hank Schmidt in der Beek were born in Germany in the 1970s. One is a photographer, the other is a painter. Together they produced Self-Portrait Landscape, a series presenting well-known pictorial scenes: the artist hard at work facing his easel. However, in each photograph, the panorama is not painted on the canvas, but the motifs on the clothing that the painter is wearing. In addition to its comical effect, this inversion transforms the canvas into a mirror where the landscape becomes a self-portrait. Self-Portrait Landscape is presented on structures evoking easels, facing Grammont, a mountain favoured by the Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler.

Following on this series, the artists will work on a project influenced by Ferdinand Hodler’s Grammont.

Fabian Schubert, Hank Schmidt in der Beek at the Herzogstand, 2013
Self‐Portrait Landscape: Have a look at the gallery