Atomik Magik Circus


Atomik Magik Circus

On one side, non‐standard post Cold War sculptures imbued in anxiety by François Burland. On the other, a pair of visual photographers born post‐Chernobyl: Romain Mader and Nadja Kilchhofer. Brought into contact with the world of Burland, this young pair adds its fictional pennies worth to this environment. This blend of references, expressions, and generational leaps creates a spectacular environment where memories and imagination are revived.

Curator: Florence Grivel, scenography: Maxime Fontannaz

With the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Foundation for Culture
François Burland is the winner of the Edouard & Maurice Sandoz Foundation Award (FEMS Award) 2013.

Nadja Kilchhofer, Romain Mader, Atomik Magik Circus / F Burland
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