Gian Paolo Minelli


Cardinal Points / Buenos Aires

Born in 1968, Gian Paolo Minelli grew up in the canton of Tessin in Switzerland. He has lived in Buenos Aires since 1999and it has rapidly become his own creative laboratory. He scours the metropolis in search of unusual places that inspire him. The artist has chosen the La Boca district to present his series Buenos Aires, La Boca, 2014. Located near La Usina de las Artes situated in the new cultural centre in the Argentinian capital, his exhibition consists of portrait shots and photographs of the urban space next to one another. These extend over several metres thus displaying the wide range of individualities found in the La Boca district.

Images is opening out to the world and exports the work of four Swiss artists living abroad. On 13th September, four specifically created open‐air installations will be placed in public areas of towns corresponding to the four cardinal points in relation to Vevey.
Through these ‘in‐situ’ installations, the Cardinal Points project is a way for Festival Images to mark the numerous links that is has forged for several years with artists, curators and institutions around the world.

Gian Paolo Minelli,  Zona sur barrio Piedra Buena, Maxi, 2002
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