Graziella Antonini

Italy / Switzerland

Alcina – naturalité

Born in Italy in 1967, Graziella Antonini lives and works between Paris and Switzerland. She graduated in 1989 from the Vevey School of Photography. From 1998 to 2003 she produced Voyage imaginaire au Japon that achieved international success.
With her project Alcina – naturalité, Graziella Antonini questions the wild character of a landscape. Attracted by the fantasy of an untouchable nature, amongst other things she is interested in botanical gardens. For her the latter represent an idealistic vision of nature in miniature: unexplored flora, but reflecting a true aesthetical organisation. These protected areas are shown like an isolation and counterpoint in the face of contemporary technological society.

Commission: Galerie davel 14 (Cully)

Graziella Antonini, Sans titre, Tasmanie 2014
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