Johann Besse


Cardinal Points / Berlin

Born in 1977 in Lausanne, Johann Besse gained a Bachelor in Photography in 2007 at the ECAL/ Lausanne University of Art and Design. In 2013 he was nominated for the Swiss Award Design and currently lives in Berlin.

In 2011 Johann Besse photographed façades of rental buildings in Berlin inspired by Soviet architecture. In the series Pans, he highlights the different solutions that architects and town planners have implemented to camouflage the austerity of these buildings. By overexposing the sky his depiction is deprived of volume, thus accentuating the decontextualisation of the building in question thus lacking in any landmarks, scale ratios and urban decor, sometimes evoking an abstract painting. For the ‘Cardinal Points’ project, Johann Besse has placed these shots in the urban setting of the German capital.

Images is opening out to the world and exports the work of four Swiss artists living abroad. On 13th September, four specifically created open‐air installations will be placed in public areas of towns corresponding to the four cardinal points in relation to Vevey.
Through these ‘in‐situ’ installations, the Cardinal Points project is a way for Festival Images to mark the numerous links that is has forged for several years with artists, curators and institutions around the world.

Johann Besse, Pan 109, 2013
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