John Baldessari

United States

Figure (with Vertical Lines)

John Baldessari is an influential artist in international contemporary art. He was awarded the Lion d’Or for his overall work at the 53rd Venice Biennial in 2009. Figure (with Vertical Lines) is part of the series Printed Matter Photography Portfolio III : Stills, produced in 1999, and depicts the body of a man facing spectators. Vertical lines cover the subject and give the impression that the character is behind bars. The human figure, transected by this imaginary lattice, seems to be trapped in the photograph, as if to say that media imprisons its subject in time. This huge photograph sits on the exterior wall of the former Vevey prison, reflecting the past interior, emblazoning its former atmosphere.

John Baldessari, Figure (with Vertical Lines), 1999, Black and white photograph
Publisher: Printed Matter, Inc., New York
Printer : Kelton Labs, New York

John Baldessari, Figure (with Vertical Lines), 1999,  photomontage: Samuel Rouge
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