Laurence Bonvin


Cardinal Points / Johannesburg

Laurence Bonvin was born in Switzerland and studied at the National School of Photography in Arles. She lives between Berlin and Geneva and has taught photography at the ECAL/ Lausanne University of Art and Design since 2002.

After several trips to South Africa, Laurence Bonvin began to photograph busy street corners in the centre of Johannesburg in 2011. Intrigued by the fluidity of bodies who cross paths in crowds, she produced the series Passing (exhibited in 2013 at the Mamco –Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva). In 2014, for the Festival Images project ‘Cardinal Points’, she chose to relocate these images in public places by putting them up on the walls of the crossroads photographed. Passing Revisited furtively and ephemerally replaces the images in their initial context.

Images is opening out to the world and exports the work of four Swiss artists living abroad. On 13th September, four specifically created open‐air installations will be placed in public areas of towns corresponding to the four cardinal points in relation to Vevey.
Through these ‘in‐situ’ installations, the Cardinal Points project is a way for Festival Images to mark the numerous links that is has forged for several years with artists, curators and institutions around the world.

Laurence Bonvin, Passing I, CBD, Johannesburg, 2011
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