Marco Nicolas Heinzen & Adventice Editions



In 2006, Marco Nicolas Heinzen initiated the project Encyclopedia Aesthetica Universalis, a collection that includes over 15,500 images from the internet. From this an archive has been compiled in the form of oil paintings, mainly questioning issues surrounding reproduction and appropriation. Adventice Editions (AE) was founded in 2010 by Florine Bonaventure and Jennifer Niederhauser. AE annually publishes the magazine Adventice and organises various events, thus generating a platform of multidisciplinary dialogues between different fields of research.
Marco Nicolas Heinzen and Adventice Editions have been invited by STADIO, to collaborate on a joint project called re:editorial. This latter consists of a research laboratory questioning archives and its potential incorporation in space. Marco Nicolas Heinzen and Adventice Editions, are interested in the issues surrounding the passage from the screen to the exhibition venue, from the virtual source to its concrete reproduction.

Commission: STADIO