Marie Taillefer


Here are some crypted pictures of mary smith

Marie Taillefer was born in 1978 and graduated from the Vevey School of Photography in 2003. She now splits her time between Paris and Mexico. She won Nikon’s Emerging Talent award in 2001 and her work To my father, see the circus won the Festival Images Imacon award in 2004, as well as the European Award for Women Photographers. Marie Taillefer likes to mix her private and professional lives: for her series Here are some crypted pictures of mary smith, the artist reveals herself through various photos that she has retouched using her usual techniques, in which the base image is taken with a Polaroid or a digital device in natural light, then scanned and reprinted. Next, she paints, tears and gives new dimension to the original photo. After scanning the photo once again, she superimposes the new photo onto the original. This series displays am process of ornamentation andm reappropriation of photos of various origins.

Commission and production : Collectif RATS

Marie Taillefer, Marte, 2014
Here are some crypted pictures of mary smith: Have a look at the gallery