Olivier Cablat



Winner of the Nestlé Prize at the 10th Vevey International Photo Award, 2013/2014

Born in 1978, Olivier Cablat studied art and photography before working for the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Egypt until 2004. In 2014 for his project DUCK Olivier Cablat sought a maximum number of images on the Internet corresponding to the ‘concept of duck’ : an architectural structure whose form reflects the function. Several hundred photographs selected from around the world are therefore assembled in a single collection to peruse at Festival Images inside the replica of a giant duck.

A Festival Images (Vevey) production
3D modelling of The Big Duck : Antoine Mialon

The Nestlé Prize is a creation laboratory between the Festival Images, the multinational company and an artist, in which converge event, economic and artistic logics.