Sébastien Kohler


Dita PumpKins

Born in Switzerland in 1969, Sébastien Kohler hails from the world of music. Self-taught in photography and music alike, he has been passionate about traditional photography techniques for several years.
In his studio in Lausanne, Sébastien Kohler produces photos using the wet collodion process on glass plates. This technique produces an exceptionally soft grain and was invented by the English Frederick Scott Archer. It was very popular until the 1880s. Kohler took advantage of this technique to present Dita PumpKins, a feminine figure belonging to a bygone age. A blend of fantasy and dreams, this character lights up reference filled translucent photos with her eyes. Between poetry, nostalgia and ghostly presence, these photographs are part of a work in progress that immerses the spectator in an end of century ambiance.

Commission: Décal’Quai (Montreux)

Venue: Décal'Quai