Size Matters

Winner of the Vevey International Photography Award 2005/2006, Claude Baechtold is also a founding member of the publishing house Riverboom and Le Cowboy Noir group, with which he filmed A la poursuite de Diamond Jo in Nollywood.
For Festival Images 2014 he has created a series of five short films based on the slogan SIZE MATTERS. With the aim of raising awareness of Festival Images on social networks, they provide an offbeat and ironic view of the monumental installations that since 2008 have reflected the identity of Festival Images.


Authors: Claude Baechtold & Charles Froté/
Actors: Marianne Oberson, Charles Froté, Claude Baechtold, a stuffed pheasant, a forty-year-old elephant
Camera: Alia Bengana
Filming locations: Laos, Switzerland