Tadao Cern


Comfort Zone

Architect by training, Tadao Cern lives in Vilnius. In 2010, he decided to abandon this profession to devote himself to filming and photography. The artist developed a shooting technique with his camera placed up high to produce his series Comfort Zone, enabling him to remain unnoticed. The Festival Images has chosen an unprecedented way of displaying this exhibit placing it on the roofs of the town. Although the prints are very large format, they remain hidden to pedestrians. The exhibition is visible uniquely thanks to high definition cameras placed on civilian drones. The choice of this series Comfort Zone strengthens this sensation of intruding privacy: whilst the subjects captured by Tadao Cern did not know that they were being photographed, they find themselves – in spite of their unusual location – exposed a new to the festival goers with their feet firmly rooted to the ground.

Commission : Festival Images (Vevey)
A Festival Images (Vevey), de Creatives SA (Vevey) et de RC-tech coproduction

Lieux d'exposition: Jardins du Rivage, Salle del Castillo