Thomas Sauvin


Silvermine : au bord de l’eau

Thomas Sauvin is a French collector who moved to China in 2003. In an industrial zone north of Beijing there is a company that recycles silver nitrate. This sort of ‘silver mine’ lent its name to the series: Beijing Silvermine. During his visits, Thomas Sauvin retrieved bags full of negatives. He thus has over half a million photos, whose wide range of subjects is a unique and authentic reflection of everyday life in China, of the end of the cultural revolution at the advent of digital. The Festival Images presents on the Léman lake shore a suprising ensemble called Silvermine : au bord de l’eau. A descirption of a China opening to aquatic pleasures.

Scenography : Festival Images and Thomas Sauvin
Courtesy: Thomas Sauvin

Thomas Sauvin, Beijing Silvermine
Silvermine : au bord de l’eau: Have a look at the gallery