Vitr’in Vevey

This year the Vitr’in Vevey trail presents end of diploma work by Polydesigners 3D apprentices from the Vevey School of Applied Arts. The aim of their work is to give pride of place to the photographer from Vevey, Edouard Curchod.
Festival Images initially chose 130 photos taken between the 1980s and 1990s, all from Feuille d’Avis de Vevey. Then the 29 Polydesigners 3D apprentices appropriated the images, gave them a new life by cutting and changing them. These works will be displayed in the windows of partnering shops in the old town.

In the ‘open-air exhibitions’ section, the Festival Images presents Feuille d’Avis a selection from Edouard Curchod’s archives .

Design: Manfred Baud, Emmylou Bevilacqua, Noemi Calvo Brändli, Jason Cavin, Emilien Colin, Vinciane Gerber, Cloé Gyssler, Leïla Jenni, Lisa Miele, Sarah Passador, Luna Peverada, Pauline Rossier, Marie Tercier, Louis Vienet, Olivia Bosshart, Marie Castella, Claire De Bortoli, Emma Dupertuis, Daniela Gouveia, Laetitia Grossini, Melvi Gutierrez, Maëva Jeanrenaud, Anne-Laure Juillard, Laetitia Nuara, Anaïs Pavez, Fanny Pellissier, Malika Richard, Delphine Vetterli, Jenny Weber

Production: Thuy Nhi Ho, Fanny Dupont, Maude Biancaniello, Louise Janssens, Milijana Jovicic, Alison Roux, Kim Weber, Kim Genier, Sarah Bongard, Timothée Lehmann, Margaux Huber, Noémie Centeno, Marine Durussel, Estelle Voyame, Célia Hauff, Lisa Berger, Charlotte Dubois, Julie Thonney, Amila Pousaz, Carole Wieland, Anaïs Youssefi, Diane Sicault, Emma Jackson, Titziana Michaud, Gabrielle Savoy, Emma François, Ginger Schofer, Fiona Fernandez, Gwenaëlle Briguet