PÔLE – interactive perfomance

Théâtre Oriental-Vevey
25.09.2014, 6:30pm

Event details

PÔLE unfolds a sensual and rocking dance, continuously reemerging and shaping through hypnotic dimensions. The acoustic atmosphere, squeaky and obsessive, is modulated by frequencies assigned to the space, which the dancer embodies and incarnates live.

The graphic projected on a black background morphs from the 2D to a rotary tri-dimensionality, which distorts the notion of volume within the dance field and merges the physical and digital perception of the performance.

Danse Jasmine Morand
Image and sound interactivity Patrick Conus
Production prototype-status.ch, screenprod.ch, dansomètre.ch
Work in process project, started at the Choreographic Laboratory/RESO, Südpol Lucerne 2014