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Photo and Film Award


Vevey International Photo Award

With a grant of CHF 40,000 (around € 30,000), this is one of the most important photography competitions in Europe. Its distinction is in its financing the realisation of a project, rather than rewarding an existing work, offering significant support for a creative process.


Open to all artists, and professional or student photographers, this international competition, which takes place every two years (next session in 2013), enables an innovative photography project to be created. The work, which is completed in a year, is then shown at the Festival Images the following year.


All the candidates are automatically put forward for special grants and may be offered an exhibition at the Quai1 gallery in Vevey.


The winning projects of the 8th Vevey International Photo Award were exhinited at the Festival Images in September 2012 in Vevey.


European First Film Award

Since 2000, every two years, the Festival Images gives three grants to help young film directors develop their first cinematographic project. These prizes are supported by the city of Vevey, l'Etat de Vaud and the company SSR SRG.


The competition is open to film directors who have graduated from a European film school since three years or less, and is based on a presentation application; the chosen winners receive an amount of EUR 10,000 (around CHF 12,000) each, to start their project off.


The aim of this award is to provide young directors with the initial support to develop their project and to put in place an efficient fund-raising system.


The winning projects must be realised (in part or in full) during the year, in order to be shown at the Festival Images of the following year.


The winning projects of 6th European First Film Award which was in the Spring 2011, were screened at the Festival Images in September 2012 in Vevey.

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