46 – Gaia Baur

France / Switzerland (1998)

Make Switzerland Great Again

A graduate from the CEPV/Centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey, Gaia Baur is a videographer and a photographer focusing on newsworthy global social issues. Her Make Switzerland Great Again series insinuates the now famous slogan “Make America Great Again” used during Donald Trump’s 2016 electoral campaign. Gaia Baur is fascinated by the US President’s education policy, and hence composes scenes staging young people in order to reflect endemic problems in the United States. The artist subtly navigates between fiction and documentary to conceive situations which convey us to a hybrid country featuring stereotypical markers of both the US and Switzerland. Her photographs exude unease and are even more topical during this US election year, given the fact that the current presidential campaign is tarnished by economic, social and health crises.

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