13 – Clemens Fischer

Germany (1989)

4 Photographers

Part photography, part sculpture, part performance, 4 Photographers is an experimental installation Clemens Fischer devised for Images Vevey. Following in the footsteps of the duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss, this artist assembles various recycled materials (wooden structures, metal rods and electrical wires) onto all sorts of video recorders and analogue cameras. As if by magic, ingenious machines suddenly click and rattle. Clemens Fischer transforms the cameras into self-directed actors: they engage the audience, creating a sense of unease at the likelihood of being photographed unexpectedly.

The installation prints out quirky photos of visitors, renewing the act of taking a picture. With his prolific analogue universe, Clemens Fischer sidesteps digital photography by taking a stance that gives pride of place to chance, humour and the extraordinary.