18 – Gregory Eddi Jones

United States (1986)

Promise Land

In 1922, the famous poet T.S. Eliot published The Waste Land, a 433-line poem partly written while he was staying in a hotel in Lausanne. A century later, this central work of modernist poetry inspired Gregory Eddi Jones to create Promise Land. The artist browsed online and selected visual and advertising material on various subjects related to the diverse scenes in the poem. He then experimented recomposing analogue images in the same way that T.S. Eliot played with words. The artist altered them digitally several times using Photoshop software and then used water-resistant paper to rework the wet ink by hand.


Presented in a one of Vevey’s grand hotels, this installation marks the centenary of this highly significant poem with an immersive experience blending fiction and reality.