26 – Mimi Mollica

Italy (1975)

East London Up Close

With his project East London Up Close, Mimi Mollica proposes an immersive experience in the heart of London’s East End, where he and his family have lived for the past twenty years or so. From 2014 to 2019, following the conventions of street photography, he frantically scoured this part of the city in search of unexpected details in such an urban space. Mimi Mollica’s framing is very close up, just like his way of wandering around, seeking contact, and soaking up all these fleeting subtle impressions.

A manicure, an ice cream, a piece of jewellery, a hairstyle or a pair of sunglasses all suggest a stylish and active lifestyle. East London Up Close is a true ode to the vivacity and cultural diversity of Britain’s capital city.