36 – Alec Soth

United States (1969)

Dog Days, Bogotá

In 2003, Alec Soth spent two months in Colombia for the final stages of the official process to adopt his daughter Carmen. While he was there, he received various documents that the young girl’s birth mother had prepared for the future family. They included a letter in which she addressed her hopes to her baby. With these words and time on his hands, Alec Soth decided to photograph Carmen’s hometown. His project Dog Days, Bogotá proves that beauty and poetry are all around us, even in one of South America’s poorest cities.

Presented in Le Couloir, the corridor of L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey, specifically designed for children, this urban journey tells the story of parents’ long wait and uncertain expectations as they prepare to adopt a child and start a new life.