47 – Emilie Gafner

Suisse (1982)


With Transmission, Emilie Gafner focuses on the meaning of images and the soundness of their narrative. Combining various media, this Franco-Swiss artist projected images onto various props and then photographed them again. She enjoys reinterpreting her photos taken during various trips to France, Italy, Chile, and Nepal by inserting them into places that are part of her daily life. Emilie Gafner sets up her projector and camera in situations with all kinds of objects symbolising transmission, whether postboxes, a mirror, books, or even a hand.

When taking these pictures, she uses the projector as the sole light source and never alters or stages them, which generates confusion. By highlighting the movement or the character of a place, Emilie Gafner brings out the poetic potential of subtleties around us.

The installation Transmission is part of the parallel exhibitions of the Images Vevey Biennial.

Venue: Secret Spot