48 – Camille Guerrero

Switzerland / Peru (1982)

Un œil en moins

The Swiss-Peruvian artist Camille Guerrero started her project in 2018, but it was left unfinished when she died tragically in 2020. This project addresses the very personal matter of her life as an artist, illustrating how the creative process involves a series of phases, from doubt to ‘the blank page’, from the anxiety of not being appreciated, to the feeling of illegitimacy that comes with success. The plethora of photographs, prints and textiles all represent questions that crossed the young artist’s mind. Three of Camille Guerrero’s friends are paying her a last tribute by reconstructing her studio at the Images Vevey Biennial. This posthumous version of Un œil en moins also provides an opportunity to reflect on artistic legitimacy and our fascination for creators who come to an untimely end.

The installation Un œil en moins is part of the parallel exhibitions of the Images Vevey Biennial.

In 2021, three CEPV students imagined the fictitious artist Camille Guerrero as a sort of alter ego bringing them together and allowing them to question the artistic life and legitimacy.

With the support of the cultural department of the town of Vevey.