Riverboom « Greatest Hits » – Coming Home

From December 14th, 2022 to February 19th, 2023, Images Vevey is giving carte blanche to the Italian-Swiss collective Riverboom, whose headquarters have been located in an apartment in the town of Vevey for precisely twenty years. Riverboom was founded in 2002 by six budding war journalists in a valley in northwestern Afghanistan, where the Boom River flows. Over the past twenty years, Riverboom has published books, created exhibitions, produced films, and organized parties, all the while being the scene of internal struggles.

The Riverboomers are photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, journalists and writers; they are Claude Baechtold, Edoardo Delille, Gabriele Galimberti, Serge Michel, Alexandre Tzonis and Paolo Woods. Having surrendered the vigor of their youth to the banality of their age’s obligations, they take advantage of the invitation extended by L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey to boast – like most aging stars – their now distant “Greatest Hits”.


While having total leeway has focused on the five guiding principles that have defined Riverboom’s pursuits for twenty years, each of the three rooms features one in particular: ‘COLLABORATION’, where we discover that, to quote John Lennon, “fighting is the answer”, then ‘LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU ARE STUPID’, the collective’s explicit credo and, finally, ‘SEE THE BEAUTY’, where visitors are encouraged to lose themselves in a new aesthetic canon. In the apartment corridor, the ‘50 shades of red’ solar project links the first three mantras.


Treat life as a constant playground: This is the fourth founding principle, which can be summed up in a single catchword. ‘PLAYGROUND’. This is the core of the unsolicited advice Riverboom gives to future generations on how to live and contemplate the world while having fun. To illustrate this premise, the collective presents an environment inspired by their most famous publication (possibly their only real greatest hit!): Switzerland versus The World, displayed in an enlarged format.

Gillian Wearing

The Riverboom collective’s fifth principle, ‘TEST THE LIMITS’, urges us to question society’s rules and customs with the aim of transcending them. While on screen the entire twenty-year collection of Riverboom publications scrolls by in the hands of monstrous creatures, the tables serve to display covers of numerous editorial projects that never saw the light of day, printed on white notepads: How to discern what is feasible in light of what is not.


As a bonus, Riverboom offers an interactive and playful installation based on the famous “versus” series, the collective’s signature series. In a parody of the well-known ‘Memory’ matching pairs game, visitors of all sizes, ages, nationalities, genders, and creeds are encouraged to form pairs of pictures, juxtaposing the most common and most unusual stereotypes.

Riverboom at the Festival Images Vevey

Edoardo Delille in 2016 and 2020
Gabriele Galimberti in 2012
Paolo Woods in 2011

Claude Baechtold in 2006, 2012 and 2014
Grand Prix Images Vevey in 2006