Christian Riis Ruggaber

Switzerland - 1970
31 Aug - 01 Oct 2011
© Christian Riis Ruggaber - Nubes

© Christian Riis Ruggaber – Nubes

“Each photographical series of the Contemplatio project reveals with absolute precision, simplicity and modesty an imperfect beauty and the beauty of imperfection.” Christian Riis Ruggaber

Christian Riis Ruggaber (Switzerland – 1970) lives and works in Zurich. He worked for over 15 years in the design and graphic design fields. In that time he was noted for collaborating with important international brands such as Adidas, where he was Head of Design for Adidas Japan, in Tokyo. His experience in graphic design, naturally, brought him to reflect on the importance of the visual language. His photographs of objects and landscapes show his interest in how we comprehend an image and its information. In 2009 he started a personal photographic work called “Contemplatio”, which he considers the first of many steps in an artistic process still in evolution.

Taken in the studio or outside, these photographs represent textures and daily subjects which have lost all reference to their environment and scale. This voluntary decontextualization invites the viewer to concentrate solely on the subject through the exploration of form, surface and light; a research on the absolute neutrality and purity of a view point.

As small chapters would comprise a poem still in process, the various series invite us to simply take the time to look.

“Contemplatio” at Quai1 marks the first public exhibition of this work.

In 2011, Christian Riis Ruggaber participated in the 8th Vevey International Photo Award, organised by the Festival Images.

Christian Riis Ruggaber

© Christian Riis Ruggaber - Stabulum

© Christian Riis Ruggaber – Stabulum

© Christian Riis Ruggaber - Folium

© Christian Riis Ruggaber – Folium

© Christian Riis Ruggaber - Cubus

© Christian Riis Ruggaber – Cubus