Geert Goiris

Belgium, 1971
11 Nov - 19 Dec 2015


In all of the artist’s work – whether it be in his landscapes, in his images of architecture, or in his more sensitive portraits – we find this urge to shift the signifier “from the sphere of the real to the kingdom of ideas”. These images instil a feeling of strangeness, which is not present in these shots as such, but is triggered by the sensitivity and perception of the spectator. Geert Goiris’ photographs structure what he calls the “traumatic realism”, creating a mysterious environment that encourages us to take a closer look at an unfamiliar reality and the potential strangeness of things taken out of their context.

For the “Slow Dissolve” exhibition presented at the Espace Quai1, he will display his “Whiteout” and “Prophet” series in the form of projections, along with five photographs taken from “Resonance” and “Continental Drift”. These images have been gathered here for their narrative potential as well as their capacity to generate ambivalent readings, added to a distinctive atmosphere that blends mysticism and animism.


2013 TROPE_light


Born in Belgium in 1971, Geert Goiris lives and works in Anvers. He has given solo exhibitions in places such as the FOAM in Amsterdam (2015), the Hamburger Kunsthalle (2010) and Art Basel Statements (2009). His work is present in many collections across the world: in the Seattle Art Museum, the Musée de la photographie in Anvers and the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, to name but a few. In 2008, he won the Vevey International Photography Award, headed by Balthasar Burkhard, in order to undertake “Whiteout”.

During the opening, the musician Polar will present a performative response to the work of Geert Goiris. This endeavour follows on from Constellation Polar, a collaborative project presented by the two artists in March 2015 at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris.


Whiteout B3


2014 Walt_light