11 – Peter Fischli & David Weiss

Switzerland (1952) & Switzerland (1946-2012)

Der Lauf der Dinge

Der Lauf der Dinge is an experimental short film made by the famous Fischli/Weiss duo of Swiss artists in 1987. It is an all-in-one video, performance, sculpture, and show. Filmed in an abandoned industrial warehouse, it features scrap objects in a crazy and seemingly never-ending race. This ingenious cascade of cause and effect is full of breathtaking suspense and is a truly amazing feat. This is “how things go”: They fall, roll over, catch fire, break, and explode simply by touching one another. Unequivocally praised for the beauty of its experimental magic, and the precision involved, this masterpiece of video performance sparks multiple interpretations: a criticism of consumer society, a reflection on our relationship with technology, a metaphor for the origins of the world, and a contemplation on the hazards of our frail existence.

Age rating : 8 years old / Suggested age : 12 years old

Courtesy : Galerie Eva Presenhuber

Venue: La Droguerie