17 – Yann Gross & Arguiñe Escandón

Switzerland (1981) & Spain (1979)


Yann Gross and Arguiñe Escandón created their Aya project (which means ‘spirit’ in Quechua) based on the work of Charles Kroehle, a 19th-century French-German pioneer in ethnographic photography. According to popular legend, he supposedly disappeared in the Peruvian Amazon. The Aya series uses both historical and contemporary images, and was created in the heart of the rainforest, to propose a dialogue between the representation of exoticism and the artists’ sensory impressions from time spent with various indigenous communities. To infuse their photographs with the real essence of the jungle, Yann Gross and Arguiñe Escandón printed some of them on the spot, benefitting from the photosensitive properties of exotic plants. Their spring 2020 residency at La Becque enabled them to further their research in plant-based photographic development using extracts from local plants.

This exhibition is the fruit of collaboration between Images Vevey and La Becque, an artists’ residence in La Tour-de-Peilz (Vaud) that encourages artistic projects exploring the relationship between technology and nature.

Exhibition layout and design with RGB Architectes and Emanuel Ris woodworking, Lausanne.

With the generous support of City of Lausanne, the gallery Wilde, G.A.O Constructions bois and the Casino Barrière Foundation.