27 – Jack Latham

United Kingdom (1989)

Beggar's Honey - Chapter I : Latent Bloom

Targeted advertisements, suggestions on YouTube, personalised results on search engines… the algorithms used to analyse personal data are becoming more and more precise and surprisingly proactive. Algorithmic procedures are dynamic and adapt to user behaviour. In many ways, their evolutionary skills can be likened to those of living organisms. Jack Latham is fascinated by the organic nature of artificial intelligence and completed the first chapter of his Beggar’s Honey project in spring 2020. He named it Latent Bloom, as it illustrates the transformation of algorithms through images of flowers purchased or picked during the lockdown. His virtual, evanescent, and imperfect floral creations update the familiar emotion these universal tokens of love and affection trigger.

His Beggar’s Honey project was awarded the Heidi.news Prize – Reportage by Grand Prix Images Vevey 2019/2020, presided over by Dayanita Singh.

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