32 – Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

Switzerland (1979)

È tempo ormai di dirti addio

Gibellina in Sicily is home to one of the most amazing open-air museums in the world. In 1968, the region was hit by a destructive earthquake. In the aftermath of the catastrophy, the local mayor called upon artists and architects to design Gibellina Nuova, a utopian new city about ten kilometres from the ruins of the former town. The new and barely repopulated city has become home to numerous unfinished and seemingly improbable open-air sculptures and architectural structures. Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs created an audiovisual performance using the city as a theatre stage. A hyperreal four-wheeled character criss-crossed the empty streets playing wistful Italian songs. The performance was filmed and has been recreated in video format for Festival Images. È tempo ormai di dirti addio is screened in a room benetting from a sweeping view of the town of Vevey.

Original performance presented at Gibellina PhotoRoad in 2019 in collaboration with Festival Images Vevey.

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