49 – Maurice Schobinger

Switzerland (1960)


Paris, 13 November 2015, 21:37. Maurice Schobinger was on the patio of La Belle Équipe in the 11th arrondissement when the bar became one of the targets in a series of terrorist attacks. At the time of the attack, he instinctively sought shelter behind a tree on the edge of the pavement. This impulse saved his life. The layers of plant fibres were dense enough to prevent the bullets from reaching him. In light of this experience, and guided by his memories of those events in Paris, Maurice Schobinger feels drawn to photographing trees at night. FIN is his deliberation on fleeting moments in time that can change everything. His photographs are displayed on ten wooden monoliths in a lakeside green space that is home to century-old trees.

An adjoining exhibition created with support from Images Vevey and the Direction de la Culture de la ville de Vevey.