41 – Hayahisa Tomiyasu

Japon (1982)


While studying in Leipzig, Germany, Hayahisa Tomiyasu took a series of photographs from the window of the small 8th-floor flat he rented. For his TTP series, this Japanese artist focused on what was happening on and around a Tischtennisplatte (TTP) – a ping-pong table – just across from his student lodgings. As the days went by, he observed the range of things people did there, far from the primary function of playing table tennis. People used the table for sunbathing, hanging out their washing, having lunch with their family, doing exercises, taking shelter… Hayahisa Tomiyasu spent five years documenting this meeting place, noticing how it was used differently depending on the season, and how it reflected the peculiarities of human behaviour, our social habits, and human ingenuity when it comes to using an object in a totally unexpected way. This series is presented in a public park, on and around a ping-pong table that residents of a nearby home for the elderly can observe from their rooms.