42 – Penelope Umbrico

États-Unis (1957)

Range : of Mount Grammont with Light-Leak Camera App Filters

We spend more and more time each day glued to a screen. Mobile phones, computers and televisions have become a sort of extension of our being. Penelope Umbrico’s Range : of Mount Grammont is an in-situ representation of our relationship with screens as both catalysts and a hindrance to contemplation. Her metallic structure, created especially for Festival Images Vevey, comprises 22 Plexiglas panels with printed images of the Grammont mountain. The Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler brought this peak fame, and it is still one of the most photographed views from Vevey’s lakefront. Penelope Umbrico used her own mobile phone to take photos of snapshots she found on social media. She then applied various filters via apps which articially reproduce light leaks. Her installation is placed opposite the mountain so it can be glimpsed through her screens, thus altering the sublime experience of this emblematic landscape.

Range : of Mount Grammont with Light-Leak Camera App Filters: Have a look at the gallery