Program 2016

Anush Hamzehian & Vittorio Mortarotti

Italy (1980 & 1982)



Leica Prize – Reportage

Produced in the south of Armenia, in the city of Agarak – the only crossing point into Iran – the series documents the prevailing tension and precariousness in this transit zone. Combining photographs and audiovisual documents, the exhibition focuses on the consequences of war and exile on individuals’ fates by immersing visitors in the harshness of a disenchanted world: from migrants leaving Iran in search of freedom to women forced into prostitution, Russian soldiers defending the Armenian border against the dreaded neighbour and teenagers simply dreaming of better days.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
In the framework of this exhibition, Skinnerboox (Jesi, Italie) and the Festival Images Vevey copublish a book that is part of this exhibition

Meet Anush Hamzehian & Vittorio Mortarotti on 10 September