Program 2016

Beni Bischof

Switzerland (1976)



A unique artist, Beni Bischof re-appropriates existing images for his photographs. These images are found on the Internet or diverted from traditional media. His quirky digital manipulations and humorous interventions shake up viewers’ viewing habits and reveal a Dadaist derivation crossed with a neo-punk ethos. They also bring to light the triviality and standardisation of pictures with which we are confronted on a daily basis. Beni Bischof was one of nine up-and-coming artists to be nominated by Stefano Stoll for the Discovery Award at the Rencontres d’Arles 2016. Bischof’s images adorn the Pallet House by I-Beam Design, turning the Festival Bar into an artistic installation. A unique way for visitors to immerse themselves in the madcap world of the St. Gallen artist and to enjoy a Beni Bischof Beer, made especially by Brasserie du Haut-Lac.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
In the framework of this exhibition, Beni Bischof and Festival Images Vevey will co-publish a special issue of
Laser Magazin