Program 2016

Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel


Des mondes meilleurs


The advanced studies in Photography programme at CEPV presents a collective exhibition, bringing together 19 projects to form a kaleidoscope of artistic proposals that confront visitors with their own definitions of utopia. Some students draw up a fiction that takes place in a pristine environment, i.e. a narrative that introduces an offbeat relationship with the world or that evokes a return to origins. Others draw from their daily lives to find evidence of a better world by documenting places and gestures that provide new hope. Finally, other more conceptual approaches reinvent the way we perceive the world through objects and bold protocols. Visitors enter through a tunnel into a confined space where they can choose, thanks to a control panel, the photographs that are projected on the walls. The visit ends in an outdoor garden, which is seen as a tangible and positive manifestation of an ideal society.

Curating : Virginie Otth, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

Photographers : Maude Comte, Valentin Faure, Matei Focseneanu, Charles Frôté, Morane Grignon, Elena Hasse, Lea Kunz, Youqine Lefèvre, Cécile Monnier, Alessia Olivieri, Marta Panzeri, Neige Sanchez, Aurélie Schopfer, Lucas Seitenfus, Céline Simonetto, Aline Staub, Arnaud Valente, Anaïs Weber, Annabelle Zermatten, Eva Zimmerli

A project carried out during the photographic workshops organised by Valérie Belin, Stefan Burger, Oliver Chanarin, Donigan Cumming, Joan Fontcuberta, Claus Goedicke, Anne Golaz, Patrick Hari, Reiner Riedler, and a scenography workshop with Bureau A, including Leopold Banchini and Daniel Zamarbide

Official opening of the exhibition on 10 September from 2 pm

Venue: CEPV