Program 2018

No 31 Cie La Bande Passante


Ville de papier, Vevey

On its 150th anniversary, Le Reflet – Théâtre de Vevey invited Cie La bande passante to create a tailor-made project around the history of the city and its theatre. Benoit Faivre (1979) and Tommy Laszlo (1975) designed an original animation based on old postcards selected from the collections of the Musée historique de Vevey, the photographer Edouard Curchod and the former Syndic of the town, Laurent Ballif. The duo cut out these images, folded them and pasted them together to reinterpret the city’s history in 3D. Presented in preview at the Festival Images, this video proposes an unusual walk through a reinvented Vevey in one long travelling shot.

Proposed by Le Reflet – Théâtre de Vevey on the occasion of its 150th anniversary
Produced by Images Vevey, Le Reflet – Théâtre de Vevey and the Ville de Vevey
Concept and design: Benoit Faivre, Aurélie Michel and Tommy Laszlo

Ville de papier, Vevey: Have a look at the gallery